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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Wuhan bats were sold
5G towers multiply
TP is no more

Under house arrest
Shunned by old haunts everywhere
TexMex cravings soar

Zoom: a place to meet
YouTube: for songs that enchant
Was pill red or blue?

Gloves safeguard our hands
Masks defend our mouth and nose
Liquor store holdup

Two meters apart
Permission to touch denied
Have an awesome prom

Over sixty-five
Wash hands, cover coughs, stay home
Sixty years erased

Can’t get what I want
But sometimes get what I need
Grocery shopping

Beam me up Scottie
There’s danger Will Robinson
Switching off the news

Fledglings fly the nest
Bears depart their winter den
Going for a trim

Press briefing’s over
There’s a signpost up ahead
Next stop Twilight Zone

Stay home, go to work?
Essential workers only
Back to Judge Judy

Will it be a bang?
Or will whimper be our fate?
Fauci … he will know

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